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ProHealth Protein Has A Proven, Structured
 Weight Loss Program Ready To Get You Immediate Yet Long-Lasting Results

Would you feel better if you were at your ideal weight? Losing weight can be a frustrating battle. Don't let it be! We have all the right pieces for your weight loss win. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

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Lose Weight 

Keep It Off 

Look Good 

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The ProHealth Diet 

The ProHealth Diet is a doctor supervised weight loss program with all the right pieces figured out for you. With over a decade of success, this program offers every detail necessary for your weight loss and long-term health goals.

Although you will implement the program from your own home, you will be taught by professionals exactly what you need to do (and NOT to do) for very predictable and awesome results. 

For your first 12 weeks you will have a personal coach to make sure you have accountability AND you are doing it right. 

ProHealth Removes All The Guesswork

What Comes With Your Package?

All-inclusive ONE-TIME fee  $600

(Payment plan available at $50/week)

The ProHealth Diet Program Includes...

  • A detailed proven STRUCTURED plan complete with all the right puzzle pieces to help you successfully lose weight
  • ​A personal COACH, supervised by a doctor to make sure you know exactly what to do and when
  • ​ProHealth app to track all your progress and to make it so your coach can watch/coach all along the way
  • ​Accountability for your first 12 weeks (weekly check-ins)
  • Yes List/No List: Stop eating those foods you think are good for you but are stopping you from losing weight.  We teach you ALL those answers
  • ​Doctor Supervised guidance on which vitamins you should be taking
    Daily motivational e-mail from Coach Jodi, everyday for 12 weeks
  • Daily motivational videos to keep your mind strong
  • ​40 video LEARNING SERIES taught by Coach Jodi to teach you all those little things that keep people from reaching their weight loss goals
  • ​Answers to conquering typical obstacles like EMOTIONAL EATING
  • Traveling HACKS while losing weight
  • ​Understanding why a DIET should be temporary
  • 30 day challenge
  • ​Specific START DAY PREP and beyond
  • ​The proper way to TRANSTION off the diet (two week process)
  • ​An outstanding MAINTENANCE program to help you keep your weight OFF

YES... We Get Consistent Results

Program ONE-TIME fee  $600

(Payment plan available)

Live Radio ProHealth Interview  

This interview was pre-covid when people physically came into our diet center.
Now... the program is 100% remote.  


Lose Weight

Holly= 128 pounds lost

I told my mom I didn't know if I was going to make it through another winter. I was in so much physical pain I could barely take care of myself. It took everything I had just to go to work. After work I went straight to bed, the pain in my legs and back was excruciating. 
My mom suggested I try the ProHealth Diet.
I thought, "Well I will give it a try, Other diets had not really worked for me, but I would give it a chance." What I really like about the ProHealth Diet, is that a coach told me exactly what, how much and when to eat, making it really simple and easy to follow. I did not have to read a book, do my own research, and then try to figure out how to make it work. The hard work was already done for me. All I had to now was simply follow the plan.

I have lost 128 pounds, and I feel so much better. I have more energy and actually enjoy going places and doing things that used to be difficult and exhausting.. The ProHealth Diet gave me my life back.

Look Good

Vicky = 54 pounds lost 

After gaining over 50 lbs, I was miserable in my own skin. 

Jodi worked with my husband and myself to lose the weight and show us a healthier way of eating. She was and is essential to our continued progress. I couldn’t have done this without the ProHealth plan. 

Keep It Off

Shari = 62 pounds lost

"I have spent a lifetime struggling with my weight. I've tried just about every "quick weight loss" diet plan on the market! My health and appearance was at an all time low when I finally made the decision to try ProHealth.

I've never considered this a "diet", but rather a "healthy lifestyle change". I lost a total of 62 pounds, 23% body fat, and 52 3/4 inches by simply changing my lifestyle choices in regards to food. It really is all about what you put into your body! I realized this plan is perfect for active, busy lifestyles. 

I was still able to cook satisfying, healthy meals for my family as well as make good choices dining in restaurants! I've never felt so attractive and healthy in my entire life!  Jodi's guidance and extensive knowledge of healthy eating habits have completely changed my life!

Feel Good

LeeAnn = 70 pounds lost (so far)

Well this made me feel happy inside; to see how much I have lost so far. I look so different, which I don’t notice/think about most of the time. My brain still has a mental picture engrained in it -of looking the same as I did when I started this diet/life style change. I am only part of the way done on my journey, but I am so very excited about what the future will bring!!! .


When you sign up for the ProHealth Diet, we will also throw in this little extra from Coach Jodi

Candids... NO SCRIPTS (guaranteed)

BEFORE Coronavirus dieters physically came to our Diet Center
Enjoy a few testimonials from that time-period...










All-inclusive ONE-TIME fee  $600

Live Your Best Life

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